Mistakes Home Sellers Make in San Diego

When you’re selling your home, you must be physically and mentally prepared, and putting it on the market. You have to attach your efforts to making the sale rather than keeping that emotional connection where memories were made.

According to realtor.com, listed below are costly mistakes people have made in the past in which you should avoid when your real estate in San Diego:

Missing a Home Inspection: You could avoid a headache by scheduling a pre-listing home inspection – because the age of your home is a factor. Taking action on this first and foremost is more important than determining your market value and your budget for repairing.

Penny Pinching with Preparation: While putting your house on the market without making minor repairs and laying a fresh coat of paint, will likely weaken and relinquish your reputability in the market. Little things like a paint job, repairing cracks and blemishes, putting work into landscaping and hiring a professional cleaner could assist you in making more marketable.

The Wrong Realtor: Don’t skimp on the realtor you choose. Find the correct realtor who not only has a record of working with buyers, but a stellar reputation in listing homes in San Diego. This could be lucrative in the end for you – as the price tag for your prospective buyer could be a little higher.

Failing to Enhance Your Curb Appeal: You may have figured out everything that you are going to primp for the inside, but the outside is just as important. You could have the most beautiful inside of your home, but you could lose the sale, before the prospective buyer enters your residence, if your outside is not addressed.

Keeping Info from Home-Buyers: They will eventually find out. Don’t hope that they won’t find the leaking under your bathroom sink, or the basement has a flooding issue. This could sprout an ugly negotiating period, or they could sue you after the settlement.

Making your Home Unaffordable: The right realtor could steer you in the right direction of what your home should be valued at, and you could avoid overpricing it. If you don’t take your realtor’s advice about an inflated worth, you may end up with multiple price drops.

No Back-up Plan: You don’t have a plan of what you are doing with your next home, and the present sale is taking some time, you need to have a plan of attack in the back-burner.

Detach All Emotions: I understand you may have had your kids in this house and made many memories other than that. However, home buyers need to picture themselves living in your home. Also pets could spoil a sale. If you know people are stopping by, you may want to have a neighbor watch them until the open house is over.


By Linda Moore

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